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        I am Rosalie ILUNGA. I am a mother, a sister, a coach, an entrepreneur who works in partnership with the company: RJ ART AND FASHION which was born on October 28, 2012 at Micon the Ballroom in Hurst, Texas with Mrs. Constance Neyin Longo as owner and under the encouragement of the president of the Congolese community of Dallas Mr. DOMINIQUE DIOMI.


             I am from Democratic Congo where I was born and raised.

             I come from a big family, I was ready to become a woman, I was raised to be a woman with different hats.  At 16, my mother Mathilde Meta gave me the responsibility of being able to go to the market to look for African food and by pounding cassava yucca cassettes called FuFu. I hated doing this kind of work because in my understanding I thought she did not like me sending a beautiful teenager, attending private school: Les Bambino M´Fa Mial and living in the city of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic du Congo.  I was ashamed to go to the market and I had the cassava chips ground and the cassava leaves pounded in the mortar under the name Fufu and Pondu. It was a nightmare. That she told me: I need your help while I cook other dishes. It's every woman's job. Normally, this is what every woman in the world does to care for her family and bring food to the table. I did not understand the purpose of a woman. I understand who a woman is in modern society, but there is no connection between a traditional woman and the woman who wears many hats and lives in the city.


Raise awareness and introduce a large public, young and old to contemporary artistic creation.

Offer the opportunity to develop international cultural life and tourism by promoting exchanges between the public and artists as well as opening up to the world of creation.


Organizes forums and exhibitions that deal through paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, videos, theatrical comedies on the themes of "living, festive, joyful cities, resilient cities with their difficulties and hopes and memories , marked by their architecture of yesterday, today or futuristic according to the perceptions of each of the artists.

Highlighting the work done in the shadows to raise awareness in cities marked by the presence of many young people with promise.


We promote handmade work by placing particular emphasis on the talents of young people and by supporting them so that they shine and shine in the world with digital and new technology.


Appeal to the public authorities to work more on the preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage of countries, with a view to enriching the identity of present and future generations: "heritage, creativity and entrepreneurship."

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